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Below are some of the most popular dishes/snacks in Nigeria, West Africa.
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The MOST popular Smokey dish in Nigeria. You cannot go wrong with Jollof rice, at least not the one we serve at Jolas if you’ve never had Nigerian food. We call it the JolasJollof. The delicious base is made from fresh red bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, habanero peppers (for flavor), tomato paste, deep-fried in oil, and seasoned to perfection. Slowly cooked to infuse flavors and achieve the natural smokey flavor from the process. This is one of our BEST sellers.


Our FAVOURITE flaky pastry. The irresistible crust is made from Flour, butter, sugar, baking powder & salt. We’ve mastered the act of getting the perfect crust that melts in your mouth like butter. It’s filled with seasoned ground beef, carrots & potatoes. Contains dairy & eggs. Everyone loves our meat pies so much that we started to have a “monthly” date for them. We call it PIE DAY; this allows everyone to order in boxes of 10 pieces or more.

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Very Similar to donut holes, but we say they are better. Slightly sweet dessert made from Flour, Sugar, Yeast & a pinch of salt. Very few ingredients but very delicious, Our cinnamon sugar option on the food truck is a best seller. We also have Oreo, caramel, and chocolate options for catering and events.


Oh, you don’t want to miss out on this deep-fried goodness! Crunchy on the outside, flavor-filled on the inside. Our thin flour crust is stuffed with seasoned ground beef & carrots. You can also get our frozen bags of samosas with all the cooking instructions on the back, and you can enjoy freshly made samosas at home with friends & family.
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Carefully selected melon seeds (Egusi) cooked in delicious fresh red bell peppers & palm oil base, authentic African spices, garnished with chopped spinach.


Amala (Yam Flour), served with Buka Stew made from fresh red bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, habanero peppers & palm oil, contains Beef, Saki & Ponmo (Cow Skin) with Gbegiri (Creamy beans soup), & Ewedu (Jute leaves).
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Chopped specially selected Greens tossed in delicious fresh red bell peppers & palm oil base, with shellfish & other authentic African spices.


Famous SPICY aromatic, slowly cooked sauce made from fresh green peppers, & onions, deep fried in palm oil. Pairs perfectly with white rice.
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